You can earn points however you want by jumping on objects! To increase your score you can make the most perfect combinations! PLAY GAME

Dragon vs Mage

Dragon vs Mage online game is a no-cost running and action game. Help Mage escape the evil dragon by avoiding bottlenecks taking points and the destruction of everything it comes across. Good luck! PLAY GAME

Ring Collector

Ring Collector is a casual game where you are required to collect as many rings as you can. You must be careful in moving the rings over various obstacles. To progress to the... PLAY GAME

Racing 3D Extreme Car Race

Racing 3D Extreme Car Race allows you to race your car on various tracks roads, tracks, or even challenges. You can race against your competitors in three thrilling race modes: Multiplayer mode, Endless... PLAY GAME

Drifting 3D.IO

Drifting It is a multiplayer-based interactive water racing game. You can play as various characters and enjoy the excitement of water racing with your friends. You can unlock additional features and props as... PLAY GAME

Space Alien Invaders

To ward off alien invaders You can shoot laser beams at them with laser beams. To avoid enemy attacks, you can move your spacecraft horizontally. Keep UFOs away from Earth. This arcade game... PLAY GAME

Stickman Shadow Adventure

There was an age when colors were gone and the light was dimming. The stickmen live as shadows in Dark villages. There’s a girl that lives in a cottage named Beauty. They claimed... PLAY GAME

Tic Tac Toe Planets

Click or tap on the empty space to place the planet. To make it work, arrange three of your planets vertically (or diagonally) to make it look attractive. PLAY GAME