Super MadRex

Super MadRex is a hardcore platformer that is an exciting and challenging game for anyone who’s willing to go the extra mile to reach their final goal. To reach the portal, aim and... PLAY GAME

Drunken Spin Punch

Drunken Stickmans is now taking on spinning punches! To keep your balance, use your fists and manage your energy. Drunken Spin Punch game has 1P and 2P modes. The game can be played... PLAY GAME

Magical Fairy Fashion Look

Welcome to the Magical Fairy Fashion Look. Sunny and Skyler are both fans of fairies. Fairies are always pretty with wings and magical powers. They love to dress as they do. They must... PLAY GAME

123 game

123 The game 123 allows kids to learn numbers through engaging games. Children can play with images of their fingers on their tablet, mobile phone or laptop computer to learn the numbers. Game... PLAY GAME

3D Free Kick World Cup 18

Are you up for the challenge of winning 18th World Cup? This exciting soccer game is 3D. You must fight your way through this challenge until the very final PLAY GAME

Build With Buddies

To earn resources to earn them, you must roll the dice. You can use resources to construct mines, farms forests, farms and quarry. Buildings generate more resources every day. To be successful in... PLAY GAME

Go Chicken Go!

Help the chickens cross the road. Make sure you cross the road in a safe manner and keep your distance from water and traffic. To increase your speed, collect feathers. Jump on logs... PLAY GAME